What is a Scrapbook

2016-best-gift-font-b-complete-b-font-font-b-scrapbook-b-font-font-b-kitScrapbooks are condensed memories that are elegantly and creatively put together. Creating a colorful scrapbook is a great idea to showcase your special moments. Need not to mention that the moment of creating a scrapbook, itself, is memorable.



      A scrapbook consists of certain moments of the past which you were lucky enough to capture. These pictures are then edited, which could be as simple as cutting it to fit in the given context. These properly cut photos are then glued into the scrapbook and then comments are written all over the page with colorful pointers and paintings. To give the scrapbook a certain character, they could be painted with specific colors. These colors give the book a feel and a theme.


Scrapbooks are basically a decorated photo album, but the prime aim of making them is to get the photos out and place them where they feel more lively. Many people make scrapbooks as a hobby because of the creativity demanded by the activity. Since, taking photographs have become easier, more are more photographs are being taken. All these photos either get deleted or are stacked up in a corner. Making a scrapbook not only organizes these moments but also gives them an additional meaning.

Finally, scrapbooks give a great cover and protection to the pictures. Scrapbooks can be designed with pages which protects these pictures from water, corrosion and natural degradation. This a great advantage of making the scrapbooks The photos, when kept together,j becomes very easy to handle and transport. It is highly unlikely that you will forget or misplace one picture. The scrapbook has the ability to bind the pictures into one great story. The creative touch makes it really special.  All these advantages make scrapbook really very useful and handy.