How to Start a Scrapbook

First thing is to decide, what do you want your scrapbook to represent? Once you have the seed in your mind, it’s time for the sapling of idea to spread its roots.


  1. Theme:

The first thing to look out for is the motivation. Introspect yourself to find out what do you really want this scrapbook to be about. The answer to this question will determine the “theme” of the scrapbook. It could be something like “College life”, “Work life”, “Parenting”, etc. Have the scrapbook built around this theme in such manner that every page tells a different part of the story. The theme gives the scrapbook a “character”. It will personalize and bring the scrapbook much more closer to your heart.


  1. Way:

With the world working online, there are various softwares using which you can make a great scrapbook online.


There are various reasons why you should opt for a virtual scrapbook:

  1. Paper free: It saves paper and is environment friendly.


  1. Evergreen: Normal books go through natural wear and tear and require maintenance. With a digital scrapbook, you can store it on cloud and see whenever and wherever you want.


  1. Perfection: With digital, you get to rectify your mistakes and work with perfection. Thus, the final product will look error free.


There are many reasons to choose the old school as well:

  1. Imperfection: If you make a mistake, it stays there, it looks good and it reminds you of a memory of making it.


  1. Real: The paper made scrapbook feels for real as you can touch it and feel it. That touch of reality makes it much more special.


  1. Creativity: In the real world, you don’t have algorithms limiting your creativity. You can do whatever you like and that freedom is priceless.



  1. Collect:

Once you’ve made up your mind on the previous two ideas, now it’s time to collect the prerequisites. If you want to make a digital one then download, install and learn using the software. If you prefer doing it offline, then determine the dimensions of the book. You can also have the book binded, if you want to preserve it for longer. Collect or print all the photographs you are willing to put in the book. Have some colors and editing material at hand.

3. Innovate:

This step determines the awesomeness of your scrapbook. Putting it all together requires, patience and creativity. So go ahead and paint your thoughts!